Record interviews with the best apps out there!

Recording interviews can be more challenging than coming up with clever and witty questions. Most journalists cast anxious glances at their recorders or start fretting about the audio quality right from the first question. There are millions of struggling souls out there who are stuck with a recording that is unclear and messy. A few recording applications have managed to make a mark and bring with them the happy promise of clean recordings.

Recording Application

Audio Recording is now child’s play!

Tape a talk and Voice Recorder for android

Voice recorder is a free voice recording app for android. It can record without much ado and comes with a timer. It is pretty much no holds barred and can record on the move, stores all your audio snippets, and is not loaded with options you might never use.

Tape a talk, is another popular app that has gained traction in the market. The fact that it offers uncompressed wma audio files makes it a lot more attractive. It can also save in wav or mp3 files. The standard version is free and like they say all good things come free.

Tape a Talk Application

Tape a talk pro is available at 5 dollars and comes with a home screen widget. You can rewind forward or record over interview bloopers.

Do just the talking alone!

The iTalk from the iPhone staple has managed to hold its own against a slew of pretty apps. Searching for voice files and that interview you don’t remember the name of, can be found easily due it’s built in search feature. From the friendly physician next door to dissertation students struggling with research data, everybody swears by it.

It records in the background and can help you concentrate on making your interviews wittier, smarter or more informative.

iTalk Recording

Voice Memos is another smart app. It helps recording audio notes on the go. It is as easy as pressing a red button to get stared and doesn’t come with lengthy dos and don’ts.

There are a million other audio recording apps that have created a stir but these four have emerged as the steady favorites as they are user friendly and get the basics right!

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